Why Join? Who are we?


Imagine if you will, a group of people (men or women !!) coming together to discuss books! But wait!! It’s not just about the book – it’s a collection of people, who bring their own experiences and opinions to the meeting.

We gather at 5:30 at Ellijay Coffee House in the heart of this quaint mountain town nestled in the N. Georgia Mountains– in what’s been called the Southern Little Napa Valley being that we are surrounded by vineyards.

You may bring a bottle of vino (it completely makes the meeting much more enjoyable – we’re a wine club who reads should I say).  Grab a cup of joe or food from the coffee house and then at at 7pm we’ll begin our meeting.

7pm author bio then go into the group discussion.  Book Club questions are read.   As we get deeper into the hour – who knows what path orconversation the meeting will blend into.

A great book club really is part LITERARY, part SOCIAL, part THERAPY and wine and coffee club.  It’s a whole ball of wax of people and conversations.

So join us!!

Kimy Kennedy (owner Atlas South Estate Sales) 


Joann Antonelli (owner Ellijay Coffee House)


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