April 2019 – Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty

Photo Apr 30, 6 09 29 PMHello May!! I can’t believe it’s May already!  Ellijay Literary Society meets the last Tuesday of every month at the Ellijay Coffeehouse.  Make sure you follow our book blog so that you don’t miss a meeting! If you are interested in joining us – come!

When I drive up for book club from Atlanta, I pop by the cabin first to drop of the pups (my wee scottish terriers – road warriors they are!) then rush to get to Ellijay Coffeehouse.  There’s something so pleasing when I park, hop out and walk up to the door.  I always enter the front door even though I could park on the side lot.  There’s just something about those front doors and the counter with treats waiting to be explore.  I love this coffeehouse.  I’m so happy we have a book club here.   :::wiggling toes merrily:::::

Our April book Breaking and Holding is a first novel by Judy Fogarty.  For her bio click HERE    I considered this a pleasant beach read — although it started out rather juvenile bookish with a lot of sex thrown in.  I found myself enjoying the trip and journey through the late 70s and 80s.   I’ve always loved tennis and enjoyed John Mcenroe’s temper tantrums on the court.  Then of course there was Bjorn Borg who to this day makes my knee socks (if I still wore them) fall slowly to my ankles.  Lord that man is HOT.  Interestingly enough the theme of older guy young girl resonated with me completely – considering I somewhat lived that life at 21 marrying my childhood doctor (he removed my tonsils at 12…. so. ) Bizarre… I know.    We got onto the subject of affairs, which we all had comments on.  Many of use have known others who have had them, many of us have had them ourselves, or we’ve wanted to it seemed.   Or we’ve been the victim of affairs.  Regardless good or bad they exist all over the place.

The book also touched on many items I knew nothing about – the Feminism movement during that time frame.  The book goes into Fear of Flying by Erica Jong  A new one on me.  And the Feminine Mystique also a new one on me.  I wasn’t the only one thank you very much who knew nothing of these books.  On my list now though to read.   We  got onto The Joy of Sex which I gave the story of going on an estate sale appointment and the somewhat strange creepy client had it opened to a page of… illustrations of ….. ::::::whispering sexual things and turning really red:::::::: I almost fainted I’ll tell you.   I came from a very conservative Southern family – we NEVER spoke of anything sexual growing up – it was a sort of find it out on your own which isn’t the best way at all I can assure you.   Some of the group knew all about these books and a few were rock stars of the 70’s 80’s culture of sex drugs and rock and roll.  Ya’ll are my idols really you are.   I can’t even imagine the tales and stories many of you have lived — thanks for sharing those too.  Book club is about SHARING – where we wander off to on topics is always fun.   And after a few glasses of wine I’ll share so much more I assure you.

Most of us enjoyed the book although not a favorite by far.   I think the journey of the 80’s was my real joy.

For book club questions click HERE 

As always, even if the book is not pleasing, or if the book is completely enjoyable – book club rocks.   That is all.

** A side note – the raisin oatmeal cookies at Ellijay Coffeehouse are the freaking BOMB!

**Another P.S.  Well I had planned on staying at the cabin tonight after Book Club. But on my drive up from the city I got a Robo call from Coosawattee River resort saying that there is an escaped convict/murderer loose in the area. The odds of me crossing path with this whack a doodle is very slim however the curse of an over active imagination went wacko when I got back to the cabin and I could hear neighbors dogs barking. They probably always barked but I’ve just never noticed it before. Therefore the girls and I are on our way back To the city where its safe LOL. Plus the likelihood of the convict looking like George Clooney is very slim. So. #kimysworld #overactiveimagination

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