April 2019 – Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty

Photo Apr 30, 6 09 29 PMHello May!! I can’t believe it’s May already!  Ellijay Literary Society meets the last Tuesday of every month at the Ellijay Coffeehouse.  Make sure you follow our book blog so that you don’t miss a meeting! If you are interested in joining us – come!

When I drive up for book club from Atlanta, I pop by the cabin first to drop of the pups (my wee scottish terriers – road warriors they are!) then rush to get to Ellijay Coffeehouse.  There’s something so pleasing when I park, hop out and walk up to the door.  I always enter the front door even though I could park on the side lot.  There’s just something about those front doors and the counter with treats waiting to be explore.  I love this coffeehouse.  I’m so happy we have a book club here.   :::wiggling toes merrily:::::

Our April book Breaking and Holding is a first novel by Judy Fogarty.  For her bio click HERE    I considered this a pleasant beach read — although it started out rather juvenile bookish with a lot of sex thrown in.  I found myself enjoying the trip and journey through the late 70s and 80s.   I’ve always loved tennis and enjoyed John Mcenroe’s temper tantrums on the court.  Then of course there was Bjorn Borg who to this day makes my knee socks (if I still wore them) fall slowly to my ankles.  Lord that man is HOT.  Interestingly enough the theme of older guy young girl resonated with me completely – considering I somewhat lived that life at 21 marrying my childhood doctor (he removed my tonsils at 12…. so. ) Bizarre… I know.    We got onto the subject of affairs, which we all had comments on.  Many of use have known others who have had them, many of us have had them ourselves, or we’ve wanted to it seemed.   Or we’ve been the victim of affairs.  Regardless good or bad they exist all over the place.

The book also touched on many items I knew nothing about – the Feminism movement during that time frame.  The book goes into Fear of Flying by Erica Jong  A new one on me.  And the Feminine Mystique also a new one on me.  I wasn’t the only one thank you very much who knew nothing of these books.  On my list now though to read.   We  got onto The Joy of Sex which I gave the story of going on an estate sale appointment and the somewhat strange creepy client had it opened to a page of… illustrations of ….. ::::::whispering sexual things and turning really red:::::::: I almost fainted I’ll tell you.   I came from a very conservative Southern family – we NEVER spoke of anything sexual growing up – it was a sort of find it out on your own which isn’t the best way at all I can assure you.   Some of the group knew all about these books and a few were rock stars of the 70’s 80’s culture of sex drugs and rock and roll.  Ya’ll are my idols really you are.   I can’t even imagine the tales and stories many of you have lived — thanks for sharing those too.  Book club is about SHARING – where we wander off to on topics is always fun.   And after a few glasses of wine I’ll share so much more I assure you.

Most of us enjoyed the book although not a favorite by far.   I think the journey of the 80’s was my real joy.

For book club questions click HERE 

As always, even if the book is not pleasing, or if the book is completely enjoyable – book club rocks.   That is all.

** A side note – the raisin oatmeal cookies at Ellijay Coffeehouse are the freaking BOMB!

**Another P.S.  Well I had planned on staying at the cabin tonight after Book Club. But on my drive up from the city I got a Robo call from Coosawattee River resort saying that there is an escaped convict/murderer loose in the area. The odds of me crossing path with this whack a doodle is very slim however the curse of an over active imagination went wacko when I got back to the cabin and I could hear neighbors dogs barking. They probably always barked but I’ve just never noticed it before. Therefore the girls and I are on our way back To the city where its safe LOL. Plus the likelihood of the convict looking like George Clooney is very slim. So. #kimysworld #overactiveimagination

March 2019 – Red Mountain by Boo Walker

cp2Rabbit Rabbit ! It’s actually April 1st as I am perched to write our March meeting review for Ellijay Literary Society.  It’s a chilly morning back here in Atlanta — I’ve got my faithful cup of french press by my side as I sit on my sun porch listening to the world waking up.  Birds chirping, my three Scottish Terriers Pip, Cricket and Bumble (who is the baby) all perched on the back of the sofa looking for Filbert the Nazi Squirrel who mocks them without shame through the glass knowing the frenzied scottie girls can’t touch him.   He’s a wicked little squirrel.  Indeed.  Many a cup of perfect Cafe du Monde has been spilled as the girls race across the sofa from one end to the other letting Filbert know his time would be over if they could get through the glass.   Hows’ your morning going?

We met last week at Ellijay Coffee House for our monthly meeting of Ellijay Literary Society.    I consider myself a coffee shop snob of sorts.  Sure I love Starbucks – however I always seek out local coffee shops when I travel.  Finding where the locals go I nest to watch, listen and see.   Ellijay Coffee House is my nest in the N Georgia Mountains.  The owner who many of you may know, Joann Antonelli is also in our book club.

Our March book was Red Mountain by Boo Walker.  There’s a book to read ‘after’ Red Mountain named Red Mountain Rising.   Don’t you just love his name ‘Boo Walker?’  He’s a cutie too.   I continue to call him Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird but I assure you he is not a Boo Radley.   ::swoon:::  For Boo’s bio click HERE  Also a video of him on top of Red Mountain I just found today.

When we begin our meeting 6:30 to 7pm is the 30 minute window to grab beverage (wine wine wine for me please) nibbles from the coffee shop and then have a chat or two with fellow members being that we’re a new club it will completely take me a bit to learn names etc.  I’m so thrilled we have a good cross section of the male population joining us!!!  7pm we begin author bio and then commence into book club discussion questions.

We were split on who enjoyed the book and those who considered it too predictable or saying it read like a Danielle Steel novel.  I’ve personally never read a Danielle Steel novel however I really enjoyed the book.  I got a kick out of the audible version.  The guy reading the book made me laugh when it came to female characters – especially Joan.  I found myself taking notes of what Joan said.   For whatever reason it was a needed voice for me at the moment – I found Joan comforting.   Margot was a favorite – we would have been fast friends.   I loved her journey and drive to make an Inn and animal sanctuary.   I think all of us across the board found Carmen to be the least liked character.   I gave the comment of Rock Stars are in a different realm of norm meaning perhaps the forgiving of an affair is what it takes to stay together in that lifestyle.   What matters is that they stayed together in my book.  I personally couldn’t forgive the betrayal but kudos to those who can!

For book club discussion questions click HERE 

As I said, we were sort of split across the group as to who enjoyed the book and who felt it was very predictable maybe not up to their par of reading.   It is what it is.  Sometimes reading a book that is a bit of cotton candy for the soul is what’s needed.   When I think of wine country Washington State does not come to mind however it does now!  I’m a huge fan of Washington State.  I will completely find Red Mountain on my next visit.   I enjoyed the characters unfolding – when Otis howled at the moon in the nude…well.  Let’s just say it was noted.

After nibbling during our meeting at Ellijay Coffee House I had to make my way to River Street Tavern for wings to take back to the cabin.  Watching Next Stop Greenwich Village with the girls (my scotties) and a fire was just the perfect ending to a great day and book club meeting before I headed back to the city the next morning.   Completely enjoyed the meeting!

Our book for April is Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty.   See you then !

*Make sure you follow our book club meetings so that you don’t miss a book!

Feb 2019 – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Photo Feb 28, 10 16 06 AMGreat meeting everyone!!  I truly enjoyed it – and welcome new members!!! We are up to 23 now!  We know you can’t attend every meeting – just come when you can but make sure you’ve read the book!

Our February book I saw on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list – you know I adore Reese.  So.  This book became a choice on our list as well!  I think we all completely enjoyed the journey of Kya as painful as it was at times – she came into her own – making a living doing what she loved best being in the marshes of coastal N. Carolina.   Without giving too much of the book away if you haven’t read it – there’s a great twist near the end.   You’ll just have to read it to see!

We gathered at Ellijay Coffee House nested in our quaint little mountain village in N. Georgia.   We are a new book club just beginning Jan of this year!  We have 23 bibliophiles present and accounted for sir!

For book club questions click HERE 

For author bio click HERE 

It’s such a pleasure gathering with people of like minds.  We all may not agree on the book, how it played out, etc etc etc (said in a very King and I kind of way)…. but we still have chosen to take a night out of our month, and meet with everyone and discuss the book.   That’s the fun of the entire thing.  Well… that and the wine.  ::::giggling:::::    We are a diverse group – coming from all walks of life – and THAT is the key to a great book club.   If we were all the same how very boring it would be.

I (Kimy) drive up usually from the city (Atlanta) on the night of the meeting – sleep over at my cabin at Coosawattee and head back the next morning.  Everyone else in the club lives in the area.  After our book club meeting I was completely craving the wings at River Street Tavern then drove back to my cabin and found cookie dough in the fridge from friends who had recently stayed!  I was a happy camper!!  Being that I love cookie dough life is grand!  I then lit a fire, covered myself in quilts and scotties (the dogs not the people) chose the movie Fried Green Tomatoes which I’ve seen a million times, but just went through Juliette Ga where the movie was filmed.   I always find something new I didn’t see the prior viewing.   Isn’t that funny — you find something new when you thought you could recite the movie from heart.   Which brings me to my point I was trying to make — we all bring something completely different to the table.   You may see the book in a way I didn’t and vice versa – so let’s talk about it!  The joy of book club.   One of my pleasures in life.

Our meetings we just decided this very morning will be the last Tuesday of every month.   6:30 at Ellijay Coffee House.  Thank you again JoAnne for being so gracious to let us meet there! My favorite place to nest and work when I’m up at the cabin.

Our next book is Red Mountain by Boo Walker – set in the wine country of Washington State.

See you next month!  Cheers!  To books and new friends who like to meet drink wine (or coffee) and talk about books!

**Make sure you follow our blog so that you don’t miss one of our meetings! ** 

Jan 2019 – Educated by Tara Westover

photojan312c82237pmWow!!! What a wonderful first meeting!  We had around 16 or so I believe? Completely smitten with our group.  And we have men!  It’s great to have those because they add a completely different view on so many topics.  Welcome everyone!

After a meet and greet we settled down with a great glass of Vino from one of the members who actually is a wine artisan! It was fabulous by the way.  Loved the label with the black lab I presume.  I’ll have to learn the meaning of the label.

We settled down into author bio and book club discussions.

The group consensus was a general enjoyment of the book.  Some felt Tara Westover left out much of what actually happened to her (i.e. maybe sexual assault by the brother Shawn). While others felt maybe it wasn’t as bad as she states in the book.  The account from other siblings is so different than her own.

The fact her own mother flipped on being on her side versus completely ignoring the issues and problems Tara faced as a child was overwhelming.  Emotional and physical abuse was riddled throughout the book.   The idea was presented that the only way Tara and her mother could be reunited is when the father actually passes away.  Maybe or maybe not.  Here’s a video of LaRee Westover (about an hour and 45 minutes worth watching) Click HERE for the video. 

There’s many videos out on Tara Westover – just google her then click video.   Fascinating to watch an others slice of life.   Also discussed is the norm of someone else compared to your town.   What’s normal for one may seem bizarre and chaotic to another.   After Tara began formal education at Brigham Young University she really began to see just ‘how’ different her childhood actually was.  Sheltered and severe.

Interestingly enough, her mother, LaRee Westover has a FB page.   I found a photo of her father who doesn’t appear to be burned to a crisp (of course healed at this point – but I would have pictured severe scarring on his face) which in the photo it doesn’t appear to be.  What’s so interesting, are the comments to the side which I’ve taken a photo of and posted here as well. The family has disowned Tara – sad all the way around.


Here is a photo of Tara’s brother Tyler.  Dressed all in white – and they’re not even at Seaside on the beach! (joke there…ahem.)


I think we have a good group for this book club!! I’m excited to learn about everyone through discussions for the coming year.

Thanks for joining our petite literary soiree!

See you next month! Thanks to Ellijay Coffee House for hosting!!

*Make sure you follow our mountain town book club to see what we read next!**

Our first meeting is finally here!!

1429732913341FINALLY!!!   I almost DIED when I realized we were going to have to rescheduled for the ‘NO SNOW’ day this past Tuesday.  So…. ::::drum roll:::::: tonight is the night!!!


Join us!!!


Thursday Jan 31

6:30 at

Ellijay Coffee House

Bring a bottle of vino to share

You can get nibbles, food, coffee/latte’s etc at the coffee shop (super easy !)

Our first book is EDUCATED by Tara Westover.

Here’s the list of book club questions we’ll go over HERE 

6:30 to 7pm meet and greet, order food, pour the wine find a seat!!

7pm we’ll begin with author bio and then delve into book club discussion questions.

The GREAT thing about book club – you just never know what someone else brings to the table for discussion.

Book club is part literary, part social, part therapy.  Especially when wine is involved… he he he

See you soon!!!

Make sure you get your email to me — I’ll be sending out evites for our meetings throughout the year.

Yippee!!! See you soon!  Kimy Kennedy



A book club is born!

cp4And out of thin air……. a book club appears!!!!

Join us —  we are a group of eclectic blend…..  who have gathered to discuss books once a month.

Our very first meeting is coming soon!

First…..get the book!  I actually bought mine online a pdf for .99 on ebay (seriously…….. I did).   I get the books from the library, or amazon or ebay or whatever method you use.  Kindle…   just get the book!!!  I don’t care HOW busy you are…. if I can read a book a month (considering I own 2 companies… have homes in two states and am a member of 2 other book clubs… I’m pretty darn sure YOU can find the time to read a book and get to book club.  Make the commitment! That is… if you want to have all sorts of fun, intellectual, giddy, serious, silly wine and coffee infused conversations!)  We understand you can’t commit to every month (although I do) come when you can!

cp3Our first book is Educated by Tara Westover.   For a very informative video by the author click HERE .  This reminds me a bit of The Glass Castle which I completely loved.

If you do decide to join us, I’ll get your email and we’ll add you to ‘the list’ of members – you’ll get an evite each month telling you what day etc to come.   The books are chosen for the year which you can see on the ‘list of books’ tab on the website.

When we have authors present at our meetings we will usually video the meeting for youtube which the authors love and that will be on our website as well.   Fun stuff I assure you.

So….our first meeting is coming up!!!  Plan to meet at Ellijay Coffee House (my ‘nest’ when I’m here at my cabin in Coosawatee) because I don’t have wifi and I need to work / write when I’m up here.   A great coffee house is hard to find – I found it here.   We’ll meet on Tuesday January 29th at 6:30.   Now…. we do have a schedule of sorts – someone has to be in charge and I am that person.  From 6:30-7pm we will get settled.  Grab a glass of vino or coffee…. order your food from the coffee shop, settle in.   At 7pm we will begin our author bio.  Then delve into book club questions and discussion of the book.  Now this is the fun part.   Who knows where the discussion will take us?  Dare to bare your soul at book club is the motto.  Book club is part literary, part social, part therapy.  It’s good for your soul.

Oh!!! Bring a bottle of wine to share if you will —  the coffee shop has food and coffee…. if you want wine (I do!!!) bring it.   Thanks!

So…..   join us if you will.  Or pass this along to someone you think might enjoy our group.


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