March 2019 – Red Mountain by Boo Walker

cp2Rabbit Rabbit ! It’s actually April 1st as I am perched to write our March meeting review for Ellijay Literary Society.  It’s a chilly morning back here in Atlanta — I’ve got my faithful cup of french press by my side as I sit on my sun porch listening to the world waking up.  Birds chirping, my three Scottish Terriers Pip, Cricket and Bumble (who is the baby) all perched on the back of the sofa looking for Filbert the Nazi Squirrel who mocks them without shame through the glass knowing the frenzied scottie girls can’t touch him.   He’s a wicked little squirrel.  Indeed.  Many a cup of perfect Cafe du Monde has been spilled as the girls race across the sofa from one end to the other letting Filbert know his time would be over if they could get through the glass.   Hows’ your morning going?

We met last week at Ellijay Coffee House for our monthly meeting of Ellijay Literary Society.    I consider myself a coffee shop snob of sorts.  Sure I love Starbucks – however I always seek out local coffee shops when I travel.  Finding where the locals go I nest to watch, listen and see.   Ellijay Coffee House is my nest in the N Georgia Mountains.  The owner who many of you may know, Joann Antonelli is also in our book club.

Our March book was Red Mountain by Boo Walker.  There’s a book to read ‘after’ Red Mountain named Red Mountain Rising.   Don’t you just love his name ‘Boo Walker?’  He’s a cutie too.   I continue to call him Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird but I assure you he is not a Boo Radley.   ::swoon:::  For Boo’s bio click HERE  Also a video of him on top of Red Mountain I just found today.

When we begin our meeting 6:30 to 7pm is the 30 minute window to grab beverage (wine wine wine for me please) nibbles from the coffee shop and then have a chat or two with fellow members being that we’re a new club it will completely take me a bit to learn names etc.  I’m so thrilled we have a good cross section of the male population joining us!!!  7pm we begin author bio and then commence into book club discussion questions.

We were split on who enjoyed the book and those who considered it too predictable or saying it read like a Danielle Steel novel.  I’ve personally never read a Danielle Steel novel however I really enjoyed the book.  I got a kick out of the audible version.  The guy reading the book made me laugh when it came to female characters – especially Joan.  I found myself taking notes of what Joan said.   For whatever reason it was a needed voice for me at the moment – I found Joan comforting.   Margot was a favorite – we would have been fast friends.   I loved her journey and drive to make an Inn and animal sanctuary.   I think all of us across the board found Carmen to be the least liked character.   I gave the comment of Rock Stars are in a different realm of norm meaning perhaps the forgiving of an affair is what it takes to stay together in that lifestyle.   What matters is that they stayed together in my book.  I personally couldn’t forgive the betrayal but kudos to those who can!

For book club discussion questions click HERE 

As I said, we were sort of split across the group as to who enjoyed the book and who felt it was very predictable maybe not up to their par of reading.   It is what it is.  Sometimes reading a book that is a bit of cotton candy for the soul is what’s needed.   When I think of wine country Washington State does not come to mind however it does now!  I’m a huge fan of Washington State.  I will completely find Red Mountain on my next visit.   I enjoyed the characters unfolding – when Otis howled at the moon in the nude…well.  Let’s just say it was noted.

After nibbling during our meeting at Ellijay Coffee House I had to make my way to River Street Tavern for wings to take back to the cabin.  Watching Next Stop Greenwich Village with the girls (my scotties) and a fire was just the perfect ending to a great day and book club meeting before I headed back to the city the next morning.   Completely enjoyed the meeting!

Our book for April is Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty.   See you then !

*Make sure you follow our book club meetings so that you don’t miss a book!

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