Feb 2019 – Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Photo Feb 28, 10 16 06 AMGreat meeting everyone!!  I truly enjoyed it – and welcome new members!!! We are up to 23 now!  We know you can’t attend every meeting – just come when you can but make sure you’ve read the book!

Our February book I saw on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list – you know I adore Reese.  So.  This book became a choice on our list as well!  I think we all completely enjoyed the journey of Kya as painful as it was at times – she came into her own – making a living doing what she loved best being in the marshes of coastal N. Carolina.   Without giving too much of the book away if you haven’t read it – there’s a great twist near the end.   You’ll just have to read it to see!

We gathered at Ellijay Coffee House nested in our quaint little mountain village in N. Georgia.   We are a new book club just beginning Jan of this year!  We have 23 bibliophiles present and accounted for sir!

For book club questions click HERE 

For author bio click HERE 

It’s such a pleasure gathering with people of like minds.  We all may not agree on the book, how it played out, etc etc etc (said in a very King and I kind of way)…. but we still have chosen to take a night out of our month, and meet with everyone and discuss the book.   That’s the fun of the entire thing.  Well… that and the wine.  ::::giggling:::::    We are a diverse group – coming from all walks of life – and THAT is the key to a great book club.   If we were all the same how very boring it would be.

I (Kimy) drive up usually from the city (Atlanta) on the night of the meeting – sleep over at my cabin at Coosawattee and head back the next morning.  Everyone else in the club lives in the area.  After our book club meeting I was completely craving the wings at River Street Tavern then drove back to my cabin and found cookie dough in the fridge from friends who had recently stayed!  I was a happy camper!!  Being that I love cookie dough life is grand!  I then lit a fire, covered myself in quilts and scotties (the dogs not the people) chose the movie Fried Green Tomatoes which I’ve seen a million times, but just went through Juliette Ga where the movie was filmed.   I always find something new I didn’t see the prior viewing.   Isn’t that funny — you find something new when you thought you could recite the movie from heart.   Which brings me to my point I was trying to make — we all bring something completely different to the table.   You may see the book in a way I didn’t and vice versa – so let’s talk about it!  The joy of book club.   One of my pleasures in life.

Our meetings we just decided this very morning will be the last Tuesday of every month.   6:30 at Ellijay Coffee House.  Thank you again JoAnne for being so gracious to let us meet there! My favorite place to nest and work when I’m up at the cabin.

Our next book is Red Mountain by Boo Walker – set in the wine country of Washington State.

See you next month!  Cheers!  To books and new friends who like to meet drink wine (or coffee) and talk about books!

**Make sure you follow our blog so that you don’t miss one of our meetings! ** 

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