Jan 2019 – Educated by Tara Westover

photojan312c82237pmWow!!! What a wonderful first meeting!  We had around 16 or so I believe? Completely smitten with our group.  And we have men!  It’s great to have those because they add a completely different view on so many topics.  Welcome everyone!

After a meet and greet we settled down with a great glass of Vino from one of the members who actually is a wine artisan! It was fabulous by the way.  Loved the label with the black lab I presume.  I’ll have to learn the meaning of the label.

We settled down into author bio and book club discussions.

The group consensus was a general enjoyment of the book.  Some felt Tara Westover left out much of what actually happened to her (i.e. maybe sexual assault by the brother Shawn). While others felt maybe it wasn’t as bad as she states in the book.  The account from other siblings is so different than her own.

The fact her own mother flipped on being on her side versus completely ignoring the issues and problems Tara faced as a child was overwhelming.  Emotional and physical abuse was riddled throughout the book.   The idea was presented that the only way Tara and her mother could be reunited is when the father actually passes away.  Maybe or maybe not.  Here’s a video of LaRee Westover (about an hour and 45 minutes worth watching) Click HERE for the video. 

There’s many videos out on Tara Westover – just google her then click video.   Fascinating to watch an others slice of life.   Also discussed is the norm of someone else compared to your town.   What’s normal for one may seem bizarre and chaotic to another.   After Tara began formal education at Brigham Young University she really began to see just ‘how’ different her childhood actually was.  Sheltered and severe.

Interestingly enough, her mother, LaRee Westover has a FB page.   I found a photo of her father who doesn’t appear to be burned to a crisp (of course healed at this point – but I would have pictured severe scarring on his face) which in the photo it doesn’t appear to be.  What’s so interesting, are the comments to the side which I’ve taken a photo of and posted here as well. The family has disowned Tara – sad all the way around.


Here is a photo of Tara’s brother Tyler.  Dressed all in white – and they’re not even at Seaside on the beach! (joke there…ahem.)


I think we have a good group for this book club!! I’m excited to learn about everyone through discussions for the coming year.

Thanks for joining our petite literary soiree!

See you next month! Thanks to Ellijay Coffee House for hosting!!

*Make sure you follow our mountain town book club to see what we read next!**

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  1. Really enjoyed the evening. I read Where the Crawdads Sing a couple of weeks ago. Another great story (fictional this time) about surviving and achieving against seemingly insurmountable odds.

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