Our first meeting is finally here!!

1429732913341FINALLY!!!   I almost DIED when I realized we were going to have to rescheduled for the ‘NO SNOW’ day this past Tuesday.  So…. ::::drum roll:::::: tonight is the night!!!


Join us!!!


Thursday Jan 31

6:30 at

Ellijay Coffee House

Bring a bottle of vino to share

You can get nibbles, food, coffee/latte’s etc at the coffee shop (super easy !)

Our first book is EDUCATED by Tara Westover.

Here’s the list of book club questions we’ll go over HERE 

6:30 to 7pm meet and greet, order food, pour the wine find a seat!!

7pm we’ll begin with author bio and then delve into book club discussion questions.

The GREAT thing about book club – you just never know what someone else brings to the table for discussion.

Book club is part literary, part social, part therapy.  Especially when wine is involved… he he he

See you soon!!!

Make sure you get your email to me — I’ll be sending out evites for our meetings throughout the year.

Yippee!!! See you soon!  Kimy Kennedy



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