A book club is born!

cp4And out of thin air……. a book club appears!!!!

Join us —  we are a group of eclectic blend…..  who have gathered to discuss books once a month.

Our very first meeting is coming soon!

First…..get the book!  I actually bought mine online a pdf for .99 on ebay (seriously…….. I did).   I get the books from the library, or amazon or ebay or whatever method you use.  Kindle…   just get the book!!!  I don’t care HOW busy you are…. if I can read a book a month (considering I own 2 companies… have homes in two states and am a member of 2 other book clubs… I’m pretty darn sure YOU can find the time to read a book and get to book club.  Make the commitment! That is… if you want to have all sorts of fun, intellectual, giddy, serious, silly wine and coffee infused conversations!)  We understand you can’t commit to every month (although I do) come when you can!

cp3Our first book is Educated by Tara Westover.   For a very informative video by the author click HERE .  This reminds me a bit of The Glass Castle which I completely loved.

If you do decide to join us, I’ll get your email and we’ll add you to ‘the list’ of members – you’ll get an evite each month telling you what day etc to come.   The books are chosen for the year which you can see on the ‘list of books’ tab on the website.

When we have authors present at our meetings we will usually video the meeting for youtube which the authors love and that will be on our website as well.   Fun stuff I assure you.

So….our first meeting is coming up!!!  Plan to meet at Ellijay Coffee House (my ‘nest’ when I’m here at my cabin in Coosawatee) because I don’t have wifi and I need to work / write when I’m up here.   A great coffee house is hard to find – I found it here.   We’ll meet on Tuesday January 29th at 6:30.   Now…. we do have a schedule of sorts – someone has to be in charge and I am that person.  From 6:30-7pm we will get settled.  Grab a glass of vino or coffee…. order your food from the coffee shop, settle in.   At 7pm we will begin our author bio.  Then delve into book club questions and discussion of the book.  Now this is the fun part.   Who knows where the discussion will take us?  Dare to bare your soul at book club is the motto.  Book club is part literary, part social, part therapy.  It’s good for your soul.

Oh!!! Bring a bottle of wine to share if you will —  the coffee shop has food and coffee…. if you want wine (I do!!!) bring it.   Thanks!

So…..   join us if you will.  Or pass this along to someone you think might enjoy our group.


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